The student should thoroughly familiarize him or herself with the pro- nunciation symbols given below. Although the symbols are unique to this book, they. The world's most comphensive book on Golden Dawn magic, The Ritual Magic Manual, by David Griffin, has been permanently withdrawn from print. Prices on. Reprinted by permission of the author from. The Ritual Magic Manual. Introduction. Magical Evocation. Magical Evocation of the Averse Forces is the most feared.

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This book is a must for anyone interested in personal and spiritual development. Israel Regardie frequently suggest that techniques of ritual magic could serve. The Ritual Magic Manual A Complete Course in Practical Magic A. 12 Pages · · KB The Ultimate Book of Spells: A Complete Guide to Using Magic to. “A comprehensive guide to Practical Magic. The integration of new Enochian Magic proves that the Golden Dawn is not just an object of historical curiosity, but a.

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About David Griffin. David Griffin. Additionally, experienced practitioners frequently abandon this simple protective and deeply symbolic technique as elementary and unnecessary and experience the attendant, unsettling fallout of depression, oversensitivity to others' emotional atmospheres particularly overall negativity and generalized depression or anxiety , odd experiences, or just plain "bad luck" in their day to day personal lives.

The Middle Pillar technique is what Regardie had frequently called the "sine qua non" of Magic, an absolute and nonnegotiable necessity for Magical success.

The Middle Pillar not only enhances relaxation and produces a generalized sense of balance and well being, but also slowly but assuredly builds into the Sphere of Sensation those vital and "real" "spiritual organs" which makes communication with the inner planes and reception of the Universal Energy Prana, Orgone, LVX possible and appreciable. A well done Middle Pillar should take approximately 30 minutes to perform if not longer , and Regardie could not stress enough the importance of attending particularly to the relaxation and deep breathing processes in preparation for it.

He ascribed to Wilhelm Reich's theory of body character armor which in part is caused by chronic tension and unconscious muscle rigidity, thus preventing the full flow of the Universal Energy.

For safety, the student should work with only white light as a visualization aid in its performance for considerable time, always opening and closing with a LBRP.

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Unless the practitioner works with the Middle Pillar technique daily and patiently, the rest of magical "work" is only personal theater, so much occult and narcissistic claptrap and frankly a pure and unutterable, total waste of time! Knowing all the names of the Qabalistic Angels on the head of any variety of Magical pin will only develop one into absolutely nothing more than that kind of insufferable anal retentive bore who abounds in all occult circles and unfortunately can only rhapsodize on meaningless minutiae.

There is no other way 16 The Ritual Magic Mantial Foreword toward the heights than through discipline and a willingness to actually change the body, mind, and psyche into the most fit of vehicles for this stunning and Great Work. There are no shortcuts, there is no drug, there is no positive and glamorized parental transference which will d o more than eventually turn into a pillar of salt like Lot's wife! Regardie's only criticisms of my personal magical process and biting criticisms they were were when I was lax in the regular and disciplined performance of the Middle Pillar.

Anyone who can go through a year of these exercises and come out still standing will be way ahead of the magical game and deserve my personal congratulations for a job exceedingly well done in taking self in hand and to task! Of particular importance is the jewel of the chapter entitled "Unity, All is God. All of the philosophical fundamentals of Magic are in this chapter. There is nothing else! Everything else is only ornament. This simple chapter alone deserves rereading time and time again at different stages in one's magical career.

These are written in a cogent style with clear instructions and numerous accompanying diagrams. No other book so clearly combines the flashing colors with the assumption of god forms.

Additionally, there is a unique unifying of Enochian, Planetary, and Zodiacal material while interpreting, explaining, and integrating "The Book of the Concourse of Forces. The author's concise and careful comments include all the appropriate psychological and technical cautions while adding that dimension of demonic evocation as interpreted through the lens of modern psychology. This writer and Regardie had countless discussions regarding the role psychotherapy and psychological theory of varying modalities played in Magic.

In Regardie's Middle Pillar, in , he wrote, "These ideas are mentioned not because a systematic union of Magic and Psychology will be here presented, but in the hope that this effort will spur some psychologist acquainted with magical and mystical techniques to at- tempt such a task.

Whoever does succeed in welding the two indissolubly together, to him mankind will ever be grateful. The author's elucidation of demonic evocation as bridged with psychological theory is courageous and decidedly daring but not foolhardy. And many a consulting room around the world steeped in the quagmire of fossilized thinking and terribly bereft of specific and effective technique would do well to at least consider how magical techniques such as these could enhance the patient's experience of life and integration of personality.

However, the risk of identification with the archetypes of the unconscious always portends strong, uncontrolled possibilities of ego inflation, and enormous inner and outer destruction, so all caution and care is a necessary ingredient for even the most ambitious explorers of interiority! Far too little serious academic work has been done in these remote and primitive areas of understanding the psyche, and the field is wide open for study like the truly seductive and immeasurable inner space it actually is.

But let the Magician beware lest untrained enthusiasm and unskilled illusions of invincibility maximize its dangers. This writer would suggest leaving this portion of study strictly alone for many years until balance, individual fulfillment, overall health, and stability manifest in the outer life to reflect the same within. Even then, the Magician needs two strong companion guides along this narrow road: a mature and experienced psychotherapist or analyst with some respect and open mindedness for the Magical Arts as well as a seasoned Magician whose own life exemplifies sanity, compassion, and clarity of thought.

Regarding this topic, I am reminded of a journal entry dated August 4, We had talked well into the night specifically picking apart a study of pathology as related to Jungian analysis and how the complexes compared with the medieval forms of entities used in evocation.

Regardie commented, "Now there is a correspondence between the two, and few people there are that can figure that one out! Can't get beyond their prejudices and fears of what's in the slime and the mud of the human psyche! But don't identify with the complexes! It's your death! Instead, relate to them. Its usable format and tireless devotion to painstaking and accurate research and detail set it apart as an occult classic that many will refer to in the future as a beacon of clear-sightedness in an otherwise very murky field.

The reader has only to open its pages to quickly wander through its garden of glittering delights and tempting promises. Here are the joys, surprises, and true adventures of infinite worlds beyond our own sensate bounded existence. Feast on its visions and beware of and take seriously its demons, for they are your own. As Magic has taken me to heaven and to hell, it has never disappointed me in bringing a life lived for vision and endless, enthralling wonder! The Novice as well as the Adept will herein find everything that he or she needs to practice Magic immediately as well as to improve and expand his or her magical training.

The present book makes the techniques of Ritual Magic more accessible to the general public than ever before. More than a theoretical work on Magic, this is a hands-on manual for Magical practice. The Rituals in this book integrate and present many disparate and highly interesting aspects of Ceremonial Magic, such as the correct use of Flashing Colors, Geometrical Figures, and the Assumption of God Forms. The student should begin with this introduction then read the introduction to each new chapter or section as he or she comes across it.

The introductions frequently contain information necessary for the successful performance of the Rituals in each subsequent chapter or section.

The Ritual Magic Manual: A Complete Course In Practical Magic

Before performing any Rituals, the student should thoroughly familiarize him or herself with the Pronunciation Symbols given at the beginning of Chapter One. These symbols appear in pronunciation guidelines throughout the book and provide the student with precise pronunciation information.

The student should then learn the Rites and Rituals and perform The Ritual Magic Manual Introduction them in the order in which they appear. This is important for several reasons. First, the Rituals in the book appear so that the independent student will experience the Energies of the Magical Forces in the same order that they manifest during Initiation into the Rosicrucian Magical Tradition.

Furthermore, the Rituals in the main body of the book frequently refer to Basic Rituals found in Chapter One. In other words, success in later Rituals depends on skills learned in earlier chapters. Initiation independently, the psychological aspect is virtually impossible to complete alone. Eastern Mystics have long understood the power of sound.

One of the most important aspects of all meditative techniques is the proper use of special sounds or Mantras, repeated over and over by the meditating Mystic. Science as well has demonstrated that from a certain point of view everything may be considered as vibrating waves. Ceremonial Magic combines various distinct kinds of vibration. The Magician includes the vibration of physical movement through tracing geometrical figures, symbols, or sigils in the air.

Simultaneously, he or she intones certain names of God, Archangels, or Angels, including thereby the vibration of sound. At the same time, the Magician visualizes the traced figure, symbol, or sigil in his or her mind's eye, thus including mental imagery.

Furthermore, he or she visualizes these images in particular colors, including the vibration of color as well. Finally, the special juxtaposition of Flashing directly complementary Colors create an even more potent vibration. This simultaneous combination of numerous types of vibration in a single act has an enormous creative power, especially on the Inner Planes.

Magic and Psychotherapy Israel Regardie believed that every Magician should undergo psychotherapy simultaneously with Initiation. For the student working outside of an Initiatic Order, psychotherapy is highly recommendable for a variety of reasons. Any Spiritual Discipline, practiced with enough discipline and persistence, will eventually bring forth powerful unconscious contents into consciousness.

In the case of Ceremonial Magic, there exists a particular danger of ego inflation or in some cases even megalomania.


Furthermore, whereas the solitary practitioner of Ceremonial Magic may potentially accomplish the magical aspect of 23 Journal Keeping Every serious student of Magic should begin to keep a journal on a daily basis. Record any Magical Work, dreams, and visions, as well as the - mundane events of everyday life. Entries involving Magical Work should describe any Rituals performed, the Zodiacal2 location of the Sun and Moon, as well as a brief description of any feelings, intuitions, and observations during and following the Ritual.

There are many important aspects about ourselves and our magical progress discernible only in retrospect and numerous fundamental insights to gain during the process of reflection itself. If a Magician keeps a detailed journal, he or she eventually begins to discover subtle patterns of relationships underlying apparently random events of daily life.

Magical Implements Every serious student and practitioner of Magic will eventually wish to craft and consecrate his or her own Magical Implements and craft the finest ones that he or she can.

The Ritual Magic Manual A Complete Course in Practical Magic A

There is no need to describe the crafting and consecration of the Magical Implements of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Magical Tradition as there are already good books on the subject in print. Nonetheless, with the exception of Demonic Evocation, each Ritual in this book may be performed with nothing more than the Magician's forefinger, a few items found in any kitchen cupboard, and the Enochian Tablets included in this book. Each Invocation Ritual contains a synopsis that refers to altar cloths and candles in corresponding colors, scents, and so forth.

These items help to create an environment that facilitates the attainment of an altered state of consciousness in the Magician in harmony with the Ritual. Despite their usefulness, however, such environmental props should not be considered as essential to the success of a Ritual. Paul: Llewellyn, The Rittral Magic Manual Introduction beauty and power added to Rituals by creating a suitable environment as well as by using well constructed and properly consecrated Magical Implements.

Nonetheless, there is absolutely nothing that can replace the actual performance of Ceremonial Magic. A disciplined student who faithfully performs the Rituals every day armed with nothing more than an index finger will eventually make more magical progress than a highly skilled craftsman with the finest Implements who is lacking in discipline for daily Ritual Work. For those students who have already crafted and consecrated Magical Implements, the texts of the Rituals appear in such a fashion as to prevent their accidental desecration.

To avoid accidentally discharging this Force, protect the object by wrapping it in silk or linen of the appropriate color when not in use. Never allow anyone other than the Magician who charged them to handle these objects, and always put them away before banishing, since Banishing Rituals serve to send away Forces attracted through Invocation.

For the aforementioned reasons, the texts of the Iiituals in this book include reference to two separate Banishing Daggers; one Planetary and one Elemental. J The experienced Magician will have wondered with which Magical Force to consecrate the Banishing Dagger and how to avoid banishing its Charge. The best answer is to consecrate and use separate Elemental and Planetary Banishing Daggers. Skrying in the Spirit Vision has several distinguishing features despite certain commonalities with other forms of visionary experience.

First, unlike channeling or spontaneous imagery, specific Forces are ceremonially invoked prior to skrying.

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Furthermore, the Enochian Tablets provide detailed maps of the Inner Planes. Unlike channeling or spontaneous imagery, the Magician skries to the particular Plane of specifically invoked Forces. Finally, the Magician tests each aspect of the visions.Morgan Eckstein rated it liked it Nov 29, It was easy for me to learn and apply this knowledge; I decided to master the rituals and move on to the next grade.

The reader has only to open its pages to quickly wander through its garden of glittering delights and tempting promises. Take nothing at face value lest one fall into ego-inflation and folly.

Matters seemed to go downhill when I reached chapters two through five.

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