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In theory, other countries also have such a weapon at their disposal. The plot of the manga is that each monster will be stolen from their host, which will cause the death of the host. So the Land of Fire tries to protect Naruto, since he is the holder of the nine-tailed beast. This is not a hasard. From a military point of view, the US army is still the world's leading power, based on the quantity of weapons, number of soldiers and military budgets.

With their "self- defense force", the Japanese are ranked 8th in the world, while Canada is 25th GlobalFirepower, The United States also has an agreement with Japan, since the end of the Second World War, which gives them a share of the territory of the Okinawa Islands, where nearly 50, soldiers are stationed in various US bases.

Thus, the way the people of the Land of Lightning are pictured and their strong military strength make them valuable allies in the final conflict of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, which is not unlike how the Japanese perceive the United States. Each of these countries has a hidden village populated by ninjas. It is therefore an honor, but also a more "democratic" function since the recognition of the people will have a great weight in the choice of the kage. According to a recent analysis of the events leading up to the Fifteen Years War , the historian Kawamura shows that political Japan in the s and early s was chaotic, going through a devastating earthquake , deaths , assassination attempts, failed coups and military leaders who invaded part of China before obtaining the emperor's seal Kawamura, She concluded that the emperor did not have the power to prevent Japan from going to war against the United States at that time, partly because of the great power of Japanese military forces Kawamura, : Female characters: Chief protectors The women in Naruto are numerous, allowing this manga to avoid the Smurfette principle which is defined by the idea of staging only one or two female characters in the middle of a crowd of male characters.

Although they constitute less than half of the group, they are regularly staged and sometimes occupy leadership positions.

While some are high level ninjas Samui, Kurenai , others can be frighteningly strong Tsunade, Sakura and some even become kage Tsunade, Terumi, Kurotsuchi. We could therefore conclude that the women in Naruto have a decidedly modern image, which would be partly correct. But there are several aspects that disturb this flattering portrait. First, the fact that female ninjas are often chakra specialists and therefore medical ninjas.

It is thus of utmost importance that during the battles, they stay behind to heal the wounded. In addition, when they become mothers, they tend to abandon their role of fighter to take care of children. The most obvious example is Kurenai Yuuhi, a high-level ninja who, when she becomes a single mother, will have almost no presence on the screen until the end, except as a grieving widow and blooming 7 mother.

The two main women who become kage in the history of the Naruto manga the Hokage Tsunade and the Mizukage Terumi Mei are single, the first having lost the love of her life and not having been able to love another one afterwards , the second being clearly frustrated at not being married. It is particularly interesting to note that the men kage preceding Tsunade in the Land of Fire had descendants, and therefore a wife.

In the early s, the psychoanalyst Takei Doi, in The Anatomy of Dependence, analyzed the importance in Japan of the link between mother and child during the first years of life. He concluded that the amae, the bond that is forged between the child and his mother, was essential to any meaningful relationship thereafter, this imprint continuing to influence the adult's attitude and ensuring his successful integration to Japanese society Holloway, Doi's theory strongly influenced the vision of Japanese society about women.

They have become guarantors of a home to come back after work or school where life is good. A place where the pressures of the outside world are left at the door, where men and children are lucky to belong, where they feel confident, comforted, listened to, cared by what is nicknamed a "house maid professional" Holloway, Women like Kurenai, who leave the labor market at the birth of their child, are still numerous in Japan today.

Read Manga Naruto Naruto 700 Online in High Quality

This coincides with another characteristic of women in Naruto manga: they are instant and faithful lovers Tsunade, Karin, Sakura, Ino, Hinata.

When they fix their attention on a man, their love is unconditional, even if the man in question acts maliciously with them. Karin is fatally injured by Sasuke. She will be saved and will come back to him to continue to obey each of his orders. As for Sakura, she is saved in extremis by Naruto, while she is about to be killed by the same Sasuke, the one she does not dare to threaten seriously because of her love.

Regardless of these dangers, women remain faithful to the object of their affection in the majority of cases. How do men fall in love in this manga? It is impossible to know. It seems quickly obvious that reacting in the same way girls would in front of the beloved one stuttering, redness, kissing dreams, etc.

Naruto will be 8 one of the only examples in which the adult will finally love another woman Hinata than his childhood fantasy Sakura. Finally, if it is necessary to praise the fact that the women represented are not very sexualized not wearing particularly tight clothes, with few scenes aimed at showing us naked women.

But we should not see the ugly and aging women. In today's Japan, the pressure to keep looking young is not imaginary: "To attract boyfriends, American girls pretend they are women while Japanese women pretend they are girls" Cherry, The obligation to be kawaii cute is a way to sexually attract a boy while remaining close to the characteristics of childhood: innocent, shy and romantic Gomarasca, Tsunade does not look like a girl, but she remains close to her appearance as a young woman, "wasting" some of her chakra strength to camouflage her age.

Perhaps this influence of kawaii culture also explains why girls in Naruto all have identical attitudes when they are in love: they change from being a reliable fighter to a person unable to concentrate when they are close to the one they love. Thus, the female ninjas in Naruto have strength, they know how to defend themselves if necessary. But their specialty in care and the way they love, and then how they devote themselves to children afterwards, show that they are primarily responsible for this area of protection and recovery necessary for the stability of real combatants on the ground, those who will have the wounds and scars: the male ninjas.

Textual Representations Building a superhero: far from the self-made man The manga follows Naruto from childhood to adulthood, and even parenthood in the Boruto series.

The series is based on a child who lives difficult events, surpasses them to become a hero and saves the world. A classic scenario. But as we have seen, Naruto is growing up in a Japanese world. If the result is the same as the American superheroes where the lone child loses his parents very young and overcomes hardships Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc.

Because of the nine-tailed beast, Naruto is different, which means that the whole village rejects him. This gives rise to hard times for the reader who understands with difficulty how adults can be so cruel with a child. A different person, especially a child, must "learn" to follow the rules.

If he has a difficult past, he must remain even more discreet, in order not to disturb social cohesion.

[DNI] Manga Naruto Gaiden Chapter 4 Bahasa Indonesia

But Naruto seeks to attract attention by always doing more reprehensible things. And these key people will form bonds with him. This allows the child to accept his difference he hosts a monster and his story his parents died at his birth. Which will make him evolve from the dunce of his village to the hero. The result is the same as the American superheroes: the boy goes through difficult trials, he becomes very powerful and he saves the world.

This is the path that is radically different.

Read Manga Naruto Naruto 700 Online in High Quality

In this series, there are several reminders of what is "true strength": Naruto constantly remembers the images of his childhood and the people who supported him, who believed in him to go further. As young teenagers, Naruto meets Gaara, the holder of the beast with one tail.

Gaara becomes like a mirror of himself, the one he might have become if no one had reached out to him.

The suffering it causes Your feelings What they are I understand this pain I managed to have important people for me I was saved from this hell of loneliness I accepted myself, thanks to these important people. Because the only way to succeed in controlling such a power is to have been supported, helped, believed.

That's what this character understood very young from the beginning of the manga and that's what he will carry throughout his story. And it's very representative of what Japan is: success is not due to talent alone or hard work. Success is linked to all those others who made it possible to move on when it no longer went well, to all those who believed when there was a need, to the significant links that were forged over time. The speech is also very clear.

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Indeed, it is the only nation where the characters have an accent. And not just any: the hero Killer-Bee who hosts the eight-tailed beast within sometimes speaks with the accent of an English speaker who speaks Japanese. This is not the only aspect of his personality that is significant: Killer-Bee is a bit strange, hard to grasp, always oscillating between ridicule reciting rap with questionable rhymes and relevance giving advice to Naruto to control his power.

He smiles and keeps his spirits up, despite the difficulties, seeming to take nothing seriously. He is the image of these Americans, portrayed both under a positive and negative light.

Some Japanese have trouble grasping their message and their intention, given the "exuberant" way they have to act and express themselves. They appreciate and respect them, but they do not always understand them. They find them impulsive, a little intense, sometimes too sure of themselves and their opinions, but they also admire their determination and audacity.

The kage of the Land of Lightning is a character with other archetypal features: he is very strong, but also stubborn and he often expresses his devastating anger, breaking furniture and walls.

He can be "reasonable", but it takes time and strength to change its mind And this kage has a different conception of power.

What a ninja respects is action and power! It's also This way of communicating one's feelings is power Good and bad: the strength of the link In Naruto manga, not only does the hero get older, but the scenario presents complex and nuanced situations, where there is no clear division between the good and the bad. The characters in shades of gray are numerous.

Some are very dark gray, leaning strongly towards black, others are much harder to label Obito, Madara, Pain, Itachi, Konan, Karin, etc.

Are they really mean? Or are they rather being manipulated because they suffer? If Sasuke also has a difficult past, he follows the opposite path of the hero. He tries to relieve his pain by taking revenge on his brother Itachi because the suffering he feels is "Itachi's fault", then, realizing his mistake when he learns the truth about his brother, he transfers his revenge on the Land of Fire.


He always repeats the same pattern: he takes revenge to try to make peace with his past. And the goal is always to punish the bad guys. The manga shows that by doing this, Sasuke hurts, kills, spoils everything around him in an attempt to reach his goal. Without ever being relieved. He cannot face the worst: the suffering inside. Which Naruto does slowly, taming the monster within him, supported by his relationships with others.

But Sasuke rejected all links, no longer wanting to lose a loved one and to be "weakened".

However, without ties, he does not have the strength to face his demons. He becomes a monster himself, that all the village rejects, having lost the empathy towards this former model and admirable student.

Only Naruto will keep believing in him. Because this is the characteristic of this hero: to know that only a strong bond can bring you back, that without an extended hand, nothing will be possible.

This brings the idea of the link, a very important concept for Japanese people. Temples exist to "undo the links" with people that you want to exclude from your life. Because links bring certain obligations. But they are also the greatest strength. Several words exist in Japanese to speak of the "link".

Japan is built on the model of a collective society. As mentioned, recurring natural disasters have been added to human conflicts in a country with a limited number of arable lands.

This is why the "household", the group to which one belongs, has a great value in Japan: the collaboration between the members of the same group was fundamental to the survival. It symbolizes the way the Japanese conceive unity and their society, a concept that is always present, according to the anthropologist Nakane.

The members of the same group are linked by the amae, "a feeling of dependency, interdependence It is a reflection of the affection of a small child for his mother. The expectations that flow from this mixed feelings of affection and dependence persist throughout the life of a Japanese. It is the link that unites and ensures the cohesion of Japanese society" Hirai, 9.

It is thanks to the amae that the boundaries between a person being inside or outside the group ie are clear.

Sometimes amae is translated as "dependency".

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But this word has a negative connotation in English, while in Japanese, it is less true. Indeed, the amae brings obligations, includes this idea of being indebted to other people and to assume this responsibility all his life. It's a huge weight. In the same way, suicide is generally not well seen unless it serves to save honor , because it is the choice of an individual seeking to "cut" his bonds with those who have so much made for him.

This is one of the reasons why many Japanese decide instead to "evaporate", to become joshatsu, that is, to disappear without leaving a trace Mauger and Remael, While links can be heavy to wear, they are also essential for survival, as shown by the excerpts quoted above.

Others who have bonded, who have believed in a person or a collective project, are important. And they help to overcome the pain, scars and the various sufferings that an individual will face during his life. Because it's not having friends that hurts the most! It's worse! And those are the ones who have hearts filled with friends who are strong! And in Naruto series, they are also the only way to stay on the right path, to do good. And these bonds of friendship allow to build the hero that becomes Naruto.

But throughout the manga, Naruto meets characters who show him how links are also the most important sources of suffering. To love someone lovers, family or friends opens the door to disappointments and sorrows. The character who best symbolizes the effects of these repeated bereavements is the one who takes the nickname "Pain", a direct incarnation of the suffering he feels. He explains to Naruto how hopeless it is to hope for peace, because the chain created between people generates disasters with every loss.

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You must add link flair to your post. Click here for how to flair on mobile.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The suffering it causes Naruto Next Generations episodes. Japanese comics are divided into different genres depending on the audience. But they are also the greatest strength. As Madara died, Obito adopted his name and manipulated Nagato to create Akatsuki and capture the nine-tailed beasts required to reach his goal.

Nevertheless, he enjoyed the foreshadow of an older Boruto on a fight against an unknown character.

The manga shows that by doing this, Sasuke hurts, kills, spoils everything around him in an attempt to reach his goal. While links can be heavy to wear, they are also essential for survival, as shown by the excerpts quoted above.

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