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Cooper went back inside the office and closed the door behind him with a soft click, leaving me to wonder what exactly they were discussing, since the general topic was obviously me. I should have left. Every part of me knew it, and my whole body vibrated with the desire to run. The ember burning deep in the pit of my stomach that kept me rooted to the spot.

The one that told me if I stayed, everything would change. Chapter Four Cooper This was so fucking amusing. To him, each one was pretty much interchangeable with the last. Yet this one was beautiful, feisty, and had him all riled up. Who could blame me? Emma Bell was stunning.

Sexy, but subtly so. Confident, but with a hint of shyness that was as hot as fuck.

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And even odder still, she seemed to have no idea what she was doing here. Which, I supposed, made three of us. I had to deal with Gavin. As soon as I reentered the room, careful to close the door behind me, Gavin launched into speech. I could feel his eyes on my back; he was surely wondering what the hell I was up to. Who are you taking to the charity auction? What does that have to do with anything right now? Not yet. I shrugged. He rolled his eyes, and I swooped in for the kill.

Which meant that the coast was clear. Why would I mind? Maybe this little push was just what he needed to get his head out of his ass. I nodded. But then, I knew my brother. Our calendars were slammed, and we both knew it. His assistant had joked just that morning that it would make her job a hell of a lot easier if we each just found a girlfriend. Gavin had scoffed so hard, I thought he was going to bust an artery.

Resisting Her

Gavin heaved out a sharp exhale. I thought they were all a number on a paycheck to you? Gavin looked up from his screen. A girl like her on your arm? Imagine the business we could do.

The girl every guy wants to be seen with. He stared at a point on the ceiling, then blew out an annoyed sigh. If this girl had my big brother this riled up? She was something special. And no matter what he thought of himself, he deserved something special in his life again. If I had to agree to take her out as well just to get him to go along with it, so be it.

Gavin turned his attention back to his laptop, ignoring me and signaling that the conversation was over. It was dangerous, but I believed Gavin had learned his lesson the hard way. The past needed to stay there. Emma could be a fresh start. It was an outright pissing match, and something told me it was going to be damn amusing watching Gavin lose his cool when I won her over. I went out of the office and ushered a confused and nervous-looking Emma back inside, then closed the door behind us.

Please, have a seat. I certainly had better manners than my beast of a brother, and Emma, for one, appreciated them. One point for Cooper. Gavin cut in. The escorts were also paid handsomely—the average going rate was about a thousand bucks for an evening. What else?

Her cheeks flushed and her gaze dipped to her shiny black pumps. Damn desk was in the way, though. Goddamn it. Gavin was about as smooth as a sheet of sandpaper. What better way to do it than to be seen with one of our girls? We thought perhaps. So, just us three.

I smiled. My goal was to put her at ease, but two rich, powerful men sat before her asking her to essentially date us both. Of course, this was all new to her. The pulse in her neck strummed hard and fast and yet she remained willing, at least, to hear us out. I half expected Gavin to cut in and tell her the offer expired in twenty-four hours, or something equally ridiculous, but fortunately, he did no such thing.

We have nothing to hide. Gavin shot me a warning glare, but I grinned back at him with a wink. Game on, bro. In my head, though, I was seriously rooting for my brother. The thought of him stepping back into the light, seeing him smile a little more? Maybe pretty little Emma Bell could be that light.

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But in my heart? There was a part of me that hoped I was wrong. Because I could use a little sunshine too, and for some strange reason, Emma Bell made me feel warm from the inside out. Chapter Five Emma What a disaster. Good grief!

The meeting with Sonja went by in a blur. She was polite and discreet. It was almost as though she was interviewing me for a secretarial position. The two of them together were overwhelming. So much masculine energy, the room practically overflowed with testosterone, making me dizzy.

They were each over six feet tall, and where Gavin was dark and handsome with a chiseled jaw dusted in dark stubble and piercing hazel eyes, Cooper was lighter with messy golden hair, green eyes, and a playful grin. But Gavin. The part of me that wanted to be cherished and worshipped, to please a man so deeply I knew without a doubt was my other half.

Did they really just want someone on their arm for a couple of events? Or did they expect me to sleep with them? As I made my way home on the number seventeen bus, I let out a panicked chuckle and pushed the thought—and the Kingsley brothers—from my mind, forcing myself to contemplate what to do with my evening. On my phone, I placed an order for Mediterranean takeout food and mentally calculated how many episodes I had left to watch of my favorite show on Netflix.

Back at home, I changed from my black pencil skirt and cream silk blouse into yoga pants and a sweatshirt. He was cold, almost rude. I realized now that my expectations had been based on pure fantasy. A fantasy that was better left to my dreams at night. I pushed my glasses higher on the bridge of my nose and tried to shove him from my brain. He was nice to look at, but I was done with men who treated me like I was merely an afterthought.

It was foolish, but I wanted the kind of love I read about in the pages of my favorite romantic literature. I wanted a man who worshipped and adored me. My very own Heathcliff, without the dramatic ending, of course.

And Cooper? He was different. I knew he would be sweet and kind. But he was still a man who was looking for a date with an escort.

And that meant he had no interest in something real. Talk about delusional, Emma. Releasing a heavy sigh, I willed my gaze to focus on the words on the page and ignore the discontent stewing inside me. This was how I ended my days—alone in my brownstone, one of my favorite literary classics in my lap, my glasses pushed up high on the bridge of my nose. Girl meets boy; girl falls in love. We were set up by a mutual friend, and everything was fine for a while.

I never could have imagined it would turn into such an ugly, abusive relationship. Before Nathan, I was confident, strong-willed, and knew right from wrong.

But slowly, as he burrowed deeper and deeper into my life, he began to manipulate me, taking me down a very, very dark path. He had opinions on everything, from my job and my friends to my wardrobe and how I spent my paycheck.

Resisting her by kendall ryan epub bud

Slowly, Nathan began to isolate me from my friends and family, making it so I was reliant only on him. It was a gradual fall. And then? I woke up two years later with a swollen, puffy red eye and knew I had to leave, or one day he would quite literally kill me. My selfesteem was at an all-time low, and I knew I needed to make a drastic change. I took a gulp of my drink, dumping the rest down the drain as an unexpected sharp knock at the door startled me.

Pursing my lips, I tossed on my fluffy pink robe and ventured to the peephole to look out. No one was there. When I opened the door, I found a large round black box resting at my feet, a pretty silver bow affixed to the top. Looking up, I watched a uniformed messenger climb into a delivery van in front of my house.

With trembling fingers, I lifted the box and carried it inside to my dining table, tugging the white note that was affixed to the top of it. In elegant, bold script, there were three words staring back at me. For you. And suddenly it made me angry. In my imagination, he was untouchable, and therefore a safe option to fantasize about.

The reality of him and his interests was a little too grim for my liking. I might have been intrigued, but that was as far as it went. It was as though my fingers moved of their own volition, pulling open the lacquered lid carefully until I saw what was inside. Holding my breath, I pushed aside the mounds of crisp tissue paper, then lifted the gown from its resting place inside, admiring the feel of it in my hands. The glittery gold fabric was surprisingly heavy with fine boning and delicate glass beads painstakingly sewn into the sheath bodice.

I let out an indignant snort. Right after I tried it on. And who could blame me? The ring of my cell phone in the other room captured my attention, and I marched out to retrieve it. The only people who called me were my mom and Bethany. Did you receive the dress? I took a moment to compose myself, drawing a deep breath into my lungs.

Good evening, Miss Bell. I was left staring down at my phone, my heart thrumming steadily. Apparently, giving him a piece of my mind would have to wait until tomorrow. A thick black envelope was perched on top, its crisp edge having already been sliced open by her letter opener. Slowly, I slipped the invitation from its black casing and ran my fingers over the raised silver lettering. I attended the gala each year, and the invitation always looked the same, complete with the feminine silhouette along the edge of the paper.

I fingered the RSVP slip and sighed at the little blank space meant for me to enter how many people would be in my party. It was more to myself than Alyssa, but from the corner of my eye, I saw her nod. And, of course she did. For me, A Way Out was personal in a way that had nothing to do with the job. Some people considered our company a short hop to prostitution, but that was far from true.

Our girls were smart, driven, and knew exactly what they were doing. That was a fact. And when it came to human trafficking?

We actively fought against it, just like this charity did.

They embraced our patronage with open arms because they knew that our business was merely a glorified dating service—we hooked up CEOs, celebrities, and politicians with dates for highprofile functions. We were a registered business, paid our taxes, and donated time and money to a variety of good causes.

It was all very much on the up-and-up. Those were the things I had to remind myself of late at night. Back when things had gone so horribly wrong. And in the darkness of my bedroom, a twinge of guilt, a sense that I needed to do more to end the nastiness that existed out there, would hang over me like a swarm of bees.

No matter how much we wanted to. Sliding the invitation from its resting place, I glanced down and shook my head. Thanks, Alyssa. You may go. Quinn had been pressuring me to go for a while now, to get away from it all, but there was no way I could walk away from the job for more than a day or two at a time. I was in the office six or seven days a week. And without me being here? I had no way of knowing everything was in control. So, she had come back for more.

Probably to tell us to go to hell, but still. Despite the increase in my pulse rate, I kept my reply short and easy. Waiting for my instruction. I should call him in. I could use the buffer.

She looked different today.

The difference today was in her attitude. Her shoulders were thrust back, her chin lifted, and her eyes blazed with a soft confidence that I found. Emma glanced at me as if on the brink of arguing but then obeyed, letting the door fall closed before approaching my desk. Was this her attempt at intimidation? Or if it had ever, even once, been effective. Because from where I was sitting, it just made her look equally adorable and fuckable.

I shifted in my chair in an attempt to alleviate the sudden pressure against my zipper. She glanced at my hands, and then her gaze met mine. The confidence, however faint, flickered for a moment, but then her nostrils flared. It was for the best across the board, really. I looked down and adjusted the dial on my wristwatch, taking a moment to pause before I replied.

Step back before I got in too deep. Her petulant mouth fell open into an O before she caught herself and pressed her full lips together. Drawing a steadying breath, she started again. Kingsley, and I find your tone rude and derogatory. I knew this interaction ended with her unequivocal acceptance.

I waited until she turned, only because I wanted another glimpse of her sexy ass. It was a fine, ripe thing ready for my hands and my mouth. But that would have to wait. Just like last time, all rational thought had fled under the heat of the chemistry that sparked between us like a Fourth of July fireworks display, and suddenly, letting her walk out of here again seemed like a crime.

Which meant it was time to play dirty. Slowly, she turned, sweeping the tip of her pretty pink tongue over her bottom lip. Come now, Emma. You probably do need the money, after all. Then I set it on my desk. Is your dignity still worth more than that? Cooper and I were letting her into our world.

Resisting her, de Kendall Ryan

Not just as a hired escort at Forbidden Desires, but as the personal mistress to us both. A thousand dollars a night. Surely your time, and dignity, are worth something, Miss Bell?

No money will exchange hands, if that makes you uncomfortable. A new car, maybe? A nicer house? In an instant, her chin lifted. She crossed her arms over her chest, apparently trying to rally what little spirit she had left. She wanted me. And she would have me. Because I was strong enough to resist her. I knew my limits. What happened last time had nearly destroyed me, my brothers, and this company. And that searing pain inside my chest whenever I thought of her was another reason not to drag the sweet, innocent librarian through a dark, dangerous adventure.

Not when it could cost us both everything. But, surely, I was strong enough for a little fun. A flirtation. Something to quench my thirst for this woman. Besides, there was no question I was a selfish bastard. Made me want to put my fist through a wall.

Good-bye, Mr. Gazing into her crystal-blue eyes, I worked to soften my tone. Enjoy your evening with Cooper. And then she turned, flashing that curvy ass at me as she strode from my office.

Goddamn tease. My fingers returned to the keyboard and I continued typing out my reply, but my brain? It was still on a certain sassy young librarian who pushed every one of my buttons. She was all wrong for me. Innocent where I was hardened, and sweet where I was rough. My cock flexed behind my zipper at the thought.

Cooper was the much better choice for her. How can we follow you on social media? Make sure you swing by and say hi on Twitter or Facebook!

Your support means the world to me! My bestselling book to date has actually been Hard to Love , but Unravel Me was my first book and is very dear to my heart. Unravel Me features a hero with amnesia and the heroine is a Ph. They begin a forbidden affair, and when his brutal past is eventually uncovered, it shakes everything they thought they knew.

How much can you tell us about your upcoming novel, The Impact of You? Oh, I am sooo excited about this book! Book Blurb: Needing an escape from her past, Avery chooses a college where no one knows her. Even as common sense implores her to stay away, her body begs her to get closer.

Resisting Her By Kendall Ryan. She's too young. Too vulnerable. I'm too rough. I will ruin her. But you and I both know that won't stop me. Resisting her is harder than I ever imagined. My name is Cole, and this is my story of trying to do the right thing, and failing.

Don't judge me too harshly until you've read the final page.Starting now. By DevilishlyRomantic I loved the forbidden romance nature of this one. If I could get through ten dates, the place could really be the home I wanted it to be— the safe, warm space I remembered. Was I nervous? Trembling hands hugged her legs tight to her chest.

Seriously, who in their right mind would agree to be a tether ball between two intimidatingly hot and oversexed brothers? We thought perhaps. You just startled me. I could plant a blueberry bush in the back. Is your dignity still worth more than that?

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