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4 days ago The Nine Lives of Chloe King (Br: As Nove Vidas de Chloe King) é uma série de televisão produzida pela ABC Family e baseada nos livros. Size 36,41MB The Nine Lives Of. Chloe King Braswell Liz Epub. BookPursuing for The Nine Lives. Of Chloe King Braswell Liz Do you really need this ebook of. Size 16,96MB The Nine Lives Of. Chloe King Braswell Liz Epub. BookScanning for The Nine. Lives Of Chloe King Braswell. Liz Do you really need this book.

As she discovers who she is — and where she comes from — it is clear she is not alone. And someone is trying to get her. Chloe has nine lives.

But will nine be enough? The Stolen. By Celia Thomson. She argues with her mother. She occasionally skips class. And she alternately crushes on two totally different boys.

But Chloe King is by no means your typical teenager. The girl can scale buildings and see in the dark.

Sometimes, at night, she even likes to leap from rooftop to rooftop. Yes, Chloe has the instincts and ability of a cat. And that makes her unique indeed. It also makes her a wanted woman. Because the Order of the Tenth Blade does not deal kindly with people like Chloe. It stalks them. Preys upon them. And wants many of them -- like Chloe, for instance -- dead. Hes your protector. Do you even know where he is? But you know Alek. Im sure hes off sulking somewhere. Alek smashes into a wall of trash cans with a loud clatter.

Alek is clearly the aggressor - fueled by hatred. Zanes knife goes flying. Alek spins and kicks Zane in the chest.

Zane crashes to the ground - before he can even react, Alek is on him, arms pinned, Zanes own knife to his throat. Both men are out of breath. ZANE Im impressed. Now what? ZANE Really? Before you even know the truth? Alek turns for him but a kick to the chest sends him flying. He picks himself up and watches as Zane disappears over the wall. He turns but comes face to face with ALEK 6. He goes to hug her, but she stops him with a hand to his chest.

Off Aleks reaction A nurse is with him. Shes watching him through a partition He immediately drops down next to her and takes her in his arms. Ohmigod, Chloe, dont die. Please dont die. Chloe, I love you. Just then, Chloes eyes start to flutter open. And he kisses her. After a beat, Chloe responds My son is in some kind of coma and you cant even tell me whats wrong with him. I wish I knew.

Were doing everything we can think of. I want answers and I want them now. Chloe steps back behind a column to stay hidden, but catches a glimpse of Amy and Paul at the nurses station.

She nods for them to go. But she can see the doctor pointing Whitley in their direction. Its too late. You two! Amy and Paul stop. PAUL nervous Yeah. No problem. We just wanted to make sure he was okay. Paul looks to Amy. She can see Chloe in the background. AMY What do you think we were doing there? Hes got a mother who hates the sight of me and Ive got a backseat the size of a small canteloupe. PAUL Yes. Thats what we were doing there. Or hoping to do there. We actually hadnt done anything yet before we, you know-AMY Please stop talking.

Im glad youre taking this so seriously. Whitley turns away and Paul starts to pull Amy along, but she just cant help herself. AMY I really am sorry. And Whitley stops, detecting something in her tone. PAUL We should go. Paul pulls Amy away.

Whitley watches them - but then he thinks he catches a glimpse of Chloe in a reflection of one of the windows. He spins around - but shes gone. The car pulls away, leaving Chloe standing alone on the sidewalk looking up at her dark house. She smiles as Chloe heads up the steps. Turn it right around, kiddo. Never is also an option. Or maybe just a good, old-fashioned note. There will be no mom. I want some answers. I thought we werent doing this anymore. I thought we werent lying to each other.

Did you sneak out to see Brian? I did not go out to see Brian. Im fine. We would not be having this conversation if you were fine. That was a lie. Everything is not fine. Nothing in my life is fine - and I dont know if it ever will be - but there is truly nothing that you can do to fix it. Im sorry.

But this is not an Iwas-sixteen-once-too-you-know moment. My life. My issues. My problems to solve. The only thing that you could possibly do right now that might help is After a long beat. Always and forever.

Better already. Chloe goes to kiss her mom but Meredith pulls her in and hugs her tight. Chloe hugs her back.

Me, too. Chloe wipes a tear off her mothers cheek and then heads upstairs. Meredith looks after her, worried and pained - unsure what to do. Its Alek. But suddenly, she hugs him, burying her head in his shoulder. Hes at a loss at first and then starts to wrap his arms around her.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Salvation

Just as suddenly, she pushes him away. Do you have any idea what happened to me tonight? ALEK re: her shirt Youre hurt. ALEK Valentinas dead. Off Chloes reaction I was just about to call you with a report. I want to know how you let Brian get involved in this. Never forget that. I believe Im the one who warned you to send him back to college.

They tested the blood on his hands and shirt Huge steel gates start to swing open. The dark room is lit by candlelight. There is the sound of a heavy door closing and Simone steps up behind Olivias chair. Youve kept our guests waiting. The shadows obscure their faces. There is faint murmuring from the rest of the assembled.

Just the one. That should leave us with at least six to use as we will. More than enough.

Once we have the girl - every last Mai will be dead, and we wont even have to leave this room. Thats not what Olivia wants to hear. The horizon is just starting to get light. Alek sits behind her. I remember. ALEK And it wasnt just for selfish reasons. Its my fault. Conscious or unconscious. This never would have happened if Id just told him to stay away. ALEK You really dont expect me to offer you a shoulder to cry on, do you?

Chloe looks to Alek. After a beat, she turns away. Why Zane killed Valentina? ALEK Then trust no one. Theyre both quiet for a moment.

ALEK This isnt over. Its just beginning. It was a well-planned attack. They targeted you and everyone around you. ALEK No. Until we all are. This isnt just about you anymore. From this moment on - there are only two outcomes.

Its either us or its them. Chloe and Alex share a look as we Chloe is off to the side with Amy and Paul. Alek, in a black suit, is behind her. And I vow on my life that your sacrifices will not be forgotten - and that the wrongs done upon you will be avenged.

After a beat, she tosses the flower shes holding into the grave and nods at two men who start shoveling dirt into the hole. Alek immediately turns away and brushes past Chloe. CHLOE But he doesnt stop. Chloe shares a look with Amy. Amy comes up next to him. AMY no response I just wanted to say how sorry I am.

I get it. You dont have to worry. AMY I know youre mourning - and youre in pain - but can you please try not to take it out on Chloe? Its not her fault.

AMY Hey - I once warned you that if anything happened to Chloe, youd have to answer to me - well, things are happening to Chloe, so I expect you to do something. Do you honestly think that for even a second she wants any of this?

That she wouldnt walk away if she thought it would make a difference? Youre supposed to be more than her protector - youre her friend. Dont make her feel more alone than she already is. ALEK softening Im sorry. Youre right.

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She deserves better. It means a lot. Of course. AMY They share a smile and she gives him a quick up and down. Ive just never seen you in a suit before. AMY What? PAUL I wasnt going anywhere. Why dont you watch where youre going? And Chloe is quickly between them. Theres plenty of room for everyone to watch where everyone is going. Its a sacrilege. That was always Valentinas problem. She was too weak to-SLAM. Before he can even react, Jasmine has her boot on his throat. Youd be nothing without her.

But Garreth doesnt seem too intimidated. She pushes down on his throat for emphasis before abruptly walking away, the crowd parting as she goes.

Garreth is left on the ground gasping for breath.

Chloe has her arm around her. Alek, Paul and Amy look on. I promised her - but I just cant. Im not a leader. I should be dead. She gave her life for mine. Shes facing Jasmine who is dying of a stab wound. I could feel myself fading away. I couldnt move. I couldnt speak. Valentinas lips start to tremble. Valentina slides her hand across the floor toward Jasmine. Jasmine reaches out and lays hers on top. Valentina squeezes it, but then puts her hand on Jasmines heart.

It took me a second to realize what she was doing. Jasmine, weak, tries to pull her mothers hand away. Valentina falls back as her eyes roll up. Shes dead.

Momma, I love you. Jasmine puts her hand on her mothers chest. But nothing happens. Valentina is truly gone. I dont understand. She literally gave you her life? ALEK Its a power - if thats what you want to call it - that we all have.

Some stronger than others.

We can channel our energy to save a life She didnt have a choice. Its what any mother would do. Jasmine looks up as her, uncertain and obviously afraid. She hesitates outside of Chloes bedroom.

Finally - she knocks. She opens the door The room is nowhere near its usual tidy self. No response. Meredith looks around. She hesitates over the computer, but moves on. Then she notices the wastebasket full of crumpled paper.

She takes one sheet out and unfolds it its blank. She starts pulling out more - finally, she gets to what the paper is hiding Meredith slowly picks it up. Whats going on? She sits down on the bed and stares at it for a beat, trying to wrap her mind around the possibilities.

Then, abruptly, she gets up, tossing the blouse on the floor, and hurries out of the room. She reaches far underneath and pulls out the BOX. Its me. Not really sure if you can hear me - or even if youd want to if you could - but you have to know I never meant for this to happen. She brushes a curl off of his forehead. He stops when he sees Chloe, through the glass, in Brians room. She looks at her hands for a moment - then pulls the sheet back a little, exposing Brians chest.

As shes about to press down What the hell are you doing? Whitley is right there. I didnt know you were there. I just came to visit. Im Chloe. What I dont know is why youre here? Sometimes it felt like maybe we were more. We actually almost met once or twice.

Whitley is fighting to stay in control. We see the scalpel behind his back as he passes by Chloe. I just wanted to help. Whitley just stares at her Chloe really isnt sure if he knows who she is or what happened. But how could he? Whitley watches her go as he finally sets the scalpel down. BRIAN Brian startles back to life, every machine going off. Whitley rushes to his side as Brian looks around, obviously unsure of where he is or whats happened. Im here.

Its going to be alright. Whitley glances back out the window into the ICU but Chloe is nowhere to be seen. We come around to discover that she has the contents of the BOX spread out in front of her.

Theres a birth certificate and adoption papers and other documents all in Ukrainian. But Meredith is reading a crumpled and faded newspaper clipping. She folds it back over and the headline reads Miracle Child Discovered in Rubble. And below it is a very grainy, black and white photograph of a GIRL, no more than one or two, standing in what appears to be the remains of a burnt out farmhouse.

Shes lost in thought as she stares out at the city below. Whitley is by his side as a nurse walks out. The second hes gone Is she alright? Thats the last thing I remember Whitley looks away. Is she here? What happened to her? After a beat, Whitley walks to the door and closes it.

He turns to face his son. And as he goes to sit, we Mom, where are you? Meredith is in the living room. In here.

The women exchange a look. Brian is indeed standing at the door. Chloe throws her arms around him. I cant believe it. I just saw you and But Brian isnt returning the affection. Instead he turns away and walks back out onto the porch. Say something. Talk to me. Are you really one of those things? Are you responsible for what happened to me? Yes or no? After a very long beat Brian looks like he wants to say something but stops himself and takes off down the stairs.

He doesnt slow down as Chloe follows after. Please, stop. You have to let me explain. How every moment of our relationship has been a huge lie? I wanted to tell you - I just couldnt. BRIAN I dont know what sick, twisted plan youve got going on - but my dad was finally right about something.

What does he have to do with this? Insane, right? I called him a lunatic. But I can look into your eyes right now and know every word he said to me is true. I did. I told you I told you that we could never be together. That its about you and me? After what youve done to my family?

Brian, I really dont know what youre talking about. Thats not true. When my father found her - she was covered in claw marks. He finally gets into his car and drives away down the street, leaving Chloe looking after him, completely alone - no idea how to process what shes just heard. Hes still beat-up and bloodied from his encounter with Alek - and he looks even more unhinged than usual.

He watches Chloe zip up her jacket and take off down the street. Your services are no longer required. ZANE What are you talking about? This isnt over. ZANE Wait. You promised-But the line goes dead. Zane closes his phone. Olivia is sitting next to her. He seemed resourceful. Olivia smiles. His blood is pure. Always such a problem child. Whats a mother to do? Theyre all huddled around a table in the back of this otherwise quiet coffee house. ALEK Well then as secret societies go theyre doing a pretty good job.

If he really was involved, she had to have known. ALEK pointed She also knew how to keep a secret. Jasmine shoots him a quizzical look. PAUL But if Whitley Rezza is the big evil - doesnt that mean that Brian was also part of the Order - and that hes, you know, been spying on you and us this whole time? That isnt what it means.

ALEK Kind of a coincidence, dont you think? AMY We dont even know how much his father is involved - maybe somebody told him. Maybe theyre just innocent pawns in a bigger plan. There are hundreds of explanations.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

You can figure out some more on your own. But I just know that Brian wasnt involved. You think? ALEK Suddenly, Paul jumps up PAUL re: his phone Yes! AMY Paul - seriously - put the video game away. PAUL No. I was searching for images of Brians dad - and I found this. He shows them his phone. On it is a picture of Whitley in a tuxedo standing with Simone in a white evening gown at an art gallery. I was there that night. PAUL But thats her, right? Thats the hot assassin!

Thats who shot you and I saw driving away. Doesnt this pretty much prove that Brians dad is the one responsible for everything thats happening? Amy hits him. AMY excited But he kissed her. He wouldnt have done that if he knew. Nobody has an answer for that. PAUL I still dont understand why hes even alive. I mean that last guy was out cold in like-Amy hits him again. I dont know why hes alive either.

ALEK Unless I- beat I never got the chance. Jasmine suddenly looks up at Alek. ALEK Sorry - youre going to have to give me a little more.

Preferably in English. ALEK What does that have to do with anything? PAUL I get it.

Whitley is her enemy and Brian is his offspring. AMY Maybe the curse was broken. ALEK Quick - somebody find me a human to kiss and well find out.

He should be dead.

The Nine Lives Of Chloe King Epub

I swear. AMY looking off No. Turn around. Chloe turns to see her mom standing just inside the door. I couldnt really call. She hands Chloe her phone. Meredith sets the box in front of Chloe. Or what youre going through.

But maybe something in here will help. Chloe opens the box to reveal the documents. She takes out her birth certificate. Is this all mine? I promised your father. I couldnt imagine who would want to kill a child but-- I swore to him. Chloe takes her hand. Its okay. Chloe picks up the article Meredith was reading earlier with the headline: Miracle Child Discovered in Rubble.

All the homes have been burned and smoke is still clouding the air. Your father was investigating reports of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Eastern Europe. Several remote villages had been completely destroyed - no one was sure who was responsible. The man steps over a charred victim. They got to one village just after the massacre had happened. They searched everywhere, hoping to find some survivors - there werent any.All the homes have been burned and smoke is still clouding the air.

Did you sneak out to see Brian? Defy Defy, Book 1. The waiter wouldnt let us stay and then she wanted to go AMY Life and death. Paul looks to Amy. Youre right. ALEK Chloe.

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