She Broke Up, I Didn't (EPUB eBook - Adobe EPUB) (eBook). She Broke Up, I Didn't. Google Book Preview. She Broke Up, I Didn't (EPUB eBook - Adobe. Results 1 - 10 of left her in the end. The broken promise, The bad boy who left, The good girl who stayed. What will happen if their fantasy suddenly show up? Will their love stand the Happy Holidays? It certainly didn't seem that way. Anna Paige - [Broken 02] - Flawlessly Broken (epub) - dokument [*.epub] Chapter Ali's voice rang out in the background but I didn't quite catch what she said.

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Where can I download a free PDF or ePub? copyrighted and non-copyrighted ebooks too, mostly because I'm always broke. For scholarly and scientific or technical books, you might want to try out LibGen ( .. where to download pdf books for free online, I didn't find it easy until I discovered. Read {PDF Epub} Download Pretty Broken Bastard by Jeana E. Mann from the story Now he's filed a restraining order against her when she really didn't do She can't stand his alpha male attitude or the way he keeps showing up at her. Read {PDF Epub} Download Knocked Up By My Brother's Best Fri by Amy Brent from the story Of by levanparson17 with 6 reads. east, I didn't expect Leo Delaney. Leo She's broken all my rules, but I might end up breaking her heart.

She was working alone, as usual, and was the main bartender slinging drinks for this place. Six 8. It was just past eight and dark, but the station was still open, because the single cell had someone in it. Her dad. The light was on in the lobby. Which was two square yards of blue linoleum with a single chair next to a small table with year-old magazines on it. She could see the entire station from where she stood in the doorway. Nothing happened here.

Who was still sleeping in her bed. His big, naked body looking all hard and delicious and. Her one and only vacation. And it had ended with several voice mails that her father was in jail and her real life was calling her. When the ship had docked, everything had changed.

Chapter Four Grant shifted between dream and waking and, through the fog, wondered if last night had been real. He smiled, not opening his eyes because he felt the soft flannel sheets of the bed.

The Violet Hill Series by Chelsea M. Cameron

Not his bed. His sheets were pressed and cold and back in a sterile penthouse apartment in New York. These sheets were warm and soft and well loved.

His smile widened, knowing last night had been real, and he opened his eyes, hoping to be met with the sexy, warm body of his wife. He looked around the small room. The dresser had random jewelry, a sweater, and two coffee mugs on it. The little chair in the corner held a basket of clean laundry. And Hannah was nowhere to be found.

The sun was shining through the window, and the slightest smell of ocean air wafted through the entire place. And yet, he was alone. He missed her. After last night he was sure she mi Chapter Five Hannah was on her second drink, and the dress she wore felt foreign against her skin.

She was in a dress as well and looked way more comfortable than Hannah felt. The big bar held dance lessons, events, and concerts.

Not massive, but not small like Goonies. It was the main place people came when they wanted to have more than just a drink in a bar. They wanted to move. Hannah just raised a brow and looked around at all the people.

The place was packed, and she was actually liking being out in the world beyond her home, Goonies, or Main Street. Chapter Six She still loves me.

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And what a night that had been. He wanted Hannah more than damn near anything, and the way she pushed him, wanted to see all of him, made him want to give it. And he wanted to give her more. He smiled and gave himself a mental high five that he still got his wife off so well that she almost lapsed into unconsciousness from the pleasure. He missed hearing it from her. Missed knowing it. But he did know it.

Fleeting by Carrie Aarons

Deep down, she loved him, and that was the hope he kept clinging to. And his stubborn wife was giving him crumbs to add to that hope. Chapter Seven Hannah pushed the shopping cart and glanced at Grant, walking next to her.

I usually grab a quick bite out. He shook his head. He looked good, tall and built with lean muscle, and even his dark blue jeans were made perfectly for his butt. She also loved the blue suit pants he wore with a button-down. Okay, she loved everything he wore, because the man was sexy has hell.

Chapter Eight Hannah sat quietly across a white linen—covered table from Grant. So what is this mythical print-disabled marketplace? Not so mythical at all. There are 37 million people in Canada; approximately 1. That number does not account for an ageing population. That figure ramps up to one in four by the age of As twenty-five percent of the population will be aged 65 or over by , that is a substantial chunk of readers.

So that covers vision issues, but the term print disability is broad. A chunk of the population has a physical issue that prevents them from holding and manipulating a book. Listening to an audiobook while driving, or having voice aids read text aloud so the reader can be hands-free are good examples of that.

A breastfeeding mother needs her hands for other things, for example. Someone who has a broken arm may have trouble navigating an ereader or website. There is a healthy market in readers with print disabilities. And there are some preliminary statistics that point to that group of readers being more voracious than the average.

The Italian accessibility organization, Fondazione LIA , points out that where texts are accessible to them, readers with print disabilities consume more than three times the number of books than the non-print-disabled population.

Font sizing, night mode, text orientation, reading mode, colour modifications, and screen magnification. The value of the global population of people with disabilities and their friends and family is 3. This is a very large, untapped market. In the UK, this enormous spending power has a nickname: the purple pound. Go out there and court those readers!

The consumer market is there and eager to be served. Opening Up Government Funding Opportunities You may have heard about the latest round of funding in the federal budget.

In March of this year, the Liberal government announced This funding is likely going to be geared towards setting publishers up to do better when it comes to ebooks.

They have two streams of funding through the Canada Book Fund : support for organizations, and support for publishers. There are other ways to tap into government support of accessible publishing as well. In January of this year, they supported the organization and staging of an Accessible Publishing Summit , which brought together various stakeholders in our industries—libraries, publishers, alternate format producers, and accessibility advocates.

The work of that summit is still reverberating. At least three provinces offer funding support in the form of tax credits to publishers. One could easily see tax credits extending to publishers who put more attention and detail into their digital publishing program.

Opening up Markets

Get your house ready! Legal Requirements Investing in accessibility will help mitigate legal risks and ensure that you will avoid litigation—avoiding costs and the brand damage associated with legal proceedings. The Government of Canada and several provinces are currently working towards making Canada a more inclusive, barrier-free country.

The act creates the legal framework for developing and enforcing regulations regarding accessibility. The Bill now awaits Royal Assent.

One of the purposes of the bill is to prevent accessibility barriers in information and communication technologies, including digital content and the technologies used to access it. Requirements of this bill, including web accessibility, will likely follow WCAG. It aims to set the base for the full and equal participation of all persons, especially persons with disabilities, in society. This is to be achieved by the identification, removal and prevention of barriers. It aims to facilitate access to published works for persons with print disabilities by providing the material in formats that they can easily use.

The Treaty establishes international norms that require countries to provide exceptions in their national laws to facilitate the availability of works in accessible formats for persons who are print-disabled. In Canada, government policy on copyright exceptions for people with perceptual disabilities already aligns with the objective of the Treaty. Before Canada could accede to the Marrakesh Treaty, the government had to amend the Copyright Act to bring the exceptions in the Act for people with print disabilities in line with the obligations of the Treaty.

Amendments made to the Act include the following: Permit the making of large-print books Reduce the restrictions on exporting accessible materials—authors will be allowed to send accessible-format copies of their work, regardless of their nationality, facilitating the cross-border exchange of works in accessible formats with supporting organizations in other countries. Safeguards to protect the commercial market for materials in accessible formats. This ensures that publishers who choose to make their books available in accessible formats can sell them in the marketplace.

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She was Ali's best friend and-before Ali moved in with Clay-roommate. The Bill now awaits Royal Assent. She exhaled and rubbed her nape. His bare chest was war At least you mean well. Passionate about both cooking and dancing despite not being too skilled at the latter , she loves traveling and seeking out new adventures. Made Grant think about Hannah. Amendments made to the Act include the following: Permit the making of large-print books Reduce the restrictions on exporting accessible materials—authors will be allowed to send accessible-format copies of their work, regardless of their nationality, facilitating the cross-border exchange of works in accessible formats with supporting organizations in other countries.

His eyes met mine and he nodded.

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