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Download and get free PDF online & avail instant cashback. The book covers the subject of Commerce for the UGC NET/JRF/SLET exam in ten units. Trueman's UGC NET Commerce edition. UGC NET/JRF/SET .. Free Book for commerce & management Click Here to Download PDF. Summary of . Subscribe to Nav Classes- Exam study notes and updates by Email. There are two ways of going about UGC NET - Academic Books or Guides. The better way around is of course books. If you are serious about NET, do not rely.

Marketing Management 7. Financial Management 8. Human Resource Management 9. International Business You Might Also Like. Am i eligible for appearing NET Examination?? Likes 0 Reply 1. Eduncle Team.

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For more such updates, Kindly stay tuned with Eduncle. Likes 0 Reply 0. Likes 0 Reply 2. Mohit Seksaria. RBI as a Regulator. Capital Market: Primary and Secondary Market.

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Coordinating Formal and Informal Organizations. Mechanistic and Organic Structures. Types of Organization Structure —Functional.

Matrix Structure, Project Structure. Managing Organizational Culture. Motivation: Concepts, Theories and Applications. Leadership-Theories and Styles. Management of Conflicts in Organizations.

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Average is frequently referred to as a measure of central tendency. Measures of central value are also popularly known as measures of central tendency because its value lies between two extreme values. Mathematical properties of Arithmetic mean1 The sum of the deviations of the items from the arithmetic means is always zero.

Median is called the positional average If N is odd then median is an actual value with the remainders of the series in two equal parts on either side of it. Uses of median- in open end distributions, it is more satisfactory measure of the central tendency than the mean.

Most appropriate average dealing with qualitative data. Median can be determined by graphic method also by ogives. MODE The mode or the modal value is that value in a series of observation which occurs with the greatest frequency. The mode is often said to be the value which occurs most often that is with the highest frequency.

Mode is the value which has the greatest frequency density in its immediate neighborhood. For this reason mode is also called the most typical or fashionable value of distributions. Such a series is also known as bimodal or multimodal.

This measure is called the empirical mode. We can locate mode graphically using histogram and frequency polygon.

Properties of geometric mean are 1 The product of the values of series will remain unchanged when the value of geometric mean is substituted for each individual value. This also means that the value of the geometric mean is such as to balance the ratio deviations of the observations from it. Uses- to find average percentage increase in sales, production, population, in construction of index number.

The rate usually indicates the relation between two different types of measuring units that can be expressed reciprocally. Null hypothesis is the hypothesis which is tested for possible rejection under the assumption that it is true. It is denoted by Ho. Alternative hypothesis is any hypothesis which is complementary to the null hypothesis. It is very important to explicitly state the alternative hypothesis is respect of any null hypothesis Ho, because the acceptance or rejection of Ho is meaningful only if it is being tested against a rival hypothesis.

We make type 1 error by rejecting a true null hypothesis. It is also called producer error, level of significance, Alpha.

We make type 2 error by accepting a false null hypothesis. It is also called consumer error, beta, and power function of test 1- Z- Test It is any statistical test for which the distribution of the test for which the distribution of the test statistics under the null hypothesis can be approximated by a normal distribution.

Because of the central limit theorem, many tests statistics are approximately normally distributed for large sample. Z test is also known as standard normal variable test or standard normal deviate test. E standard error. Z test is also known as standard normal test, approximate test, and large sample test.

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T- TEST T-test is any statistical hypothesis test in which the test statistics follows a student t distribution if the null hypothesis is supported. Conditions for applying t-test are -: 1 N30 Standard deviation of mean is given.

T test is also known as student t distribution, exact test or small sample test. It is introduced by Karl Pearson. Value of x2 can never be negative.

Yates correction for continuity to reduce the error in approximation frank yates suggested a correction for continuity that adjusts the formula for Pearson chi squared test by subtracting 0.

The arrangement of data according to attributes in cells are called a contingency table. Chi square is also known as:1 Goodness of fit accumulation 2 Contingency table 4 Co efficient of association. ANOVA Analysis of variance F test never be in negative because of square and numerator is always greater than denominator.

Conditions of parametric tests are as follows: 1 The population from which the samples have been withdrawn should be normally distributed this is known by the term assumptions of normality 2 The variables involved must have been measured in interval or ratios scale. This is called homoscedasticity i. However in many cases where these above conditions are not met, it is always advisable to make use of non -parametric test for comparing samples and to make inferences or to test the significance or trust worthiness of the computer statistics.

In other words the use of non- parametric test is recommended in the following situations1 Where n is quit small 2 When assumptions like normality of the distributions of scores in the population are doubtful.

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It is the characteristics of nonparametric test which enables them to be called distribution free test. Non- parametric test are less powerful less able to detect a true difference when it exists than parametric test in the same situations.

Non parametric tests are as follows:1 Sign test. In measuring variation we shall be interested in the amount of the variation or its degree but not in the direction. It is important to measures the reliability. Methods of studying dispersion are as follows-: 1 The range 2 The interquartile range or the quartile deviation 3 The mean deviation or the average deviation 9 4 The standard deviation or the root square mean deviation 5 The Lorenz curve Range- It is the difference between the largest item and the smallest item.

Mean deviation- The mean deviation is also known as the average deviation.

UGC NET Commerce

It is the average difference between the items in a distribution from the median or mean of that series.Cost and Management Accounting: Managerial Economics — Demand Analysis. Skewness means lack of symmetry or asymmetrical distribution. Career Planning and Development — Concept of career; Career planning and development methods. As the syllabus for the subject is the same for the third paper too, this might also help candidates prepare for both the subject papers, Paper II and Paper III.

On the other hand if the variables are varying in opposite directions i. Management of Conflicts in Organizations. Gorwala Committee, B Paul H. Impact of Liberalization on Trade Union Movement.

Candidates with Masters or equivalent degree and shortlisted in a written entrance examination conducted by the Department.

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